Urgent Please help - Teams groups deleted

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Good Morning, 
Unfortunately is seems someone has deleted our Microsoft teams by mistake, that is called 
Neurology and Psychiatry Class Medicine Course 2020
However, I tried to guide my professor De  who is the coordinator of the course and you made the group to log in to Azure portal  and enter groups and find the deleted group to restore it . However, also for him the 'Restore button' was greyed out and was unable to restore it. 
The teams was deleted on 09/05/2020 and there is still a restoration period until 8/06/2020
I contacted IT support in our university, I hope they can help if they reply....
Are the any other methods I can try to guide my professor? I had to write a step by step guide for him for the the Azure method 
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As you say, it can be restored within 30 days but needs the right permissions! Just wait for IT
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