Unable to share files in teams

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Please I need your help on this issue. 


I have a particular user who is unable to share files in teams.  


The User have not been able to share files in teams. The error message is "Something went wrong" while trying to share.


It happens to both desktop and web version. The user has SharePoint license assigned and the user has access to his OneDrive


Just this user is experiencing this issue. 


Does anyone has any idea. 


@Eric Marsi 



@Christopher Hoard

@Allen Xu_MSFT


@Steven Collier


@paul keijzers

@Bryan Nyce

@adam deltinger 

@Chris Webb


@Graham Walsh


Zhengqi Lou-MSFT

Vasil Michev

Nate Loback

Yuki Sun-MSFT

@Juan Carlos González Martín

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What happens if he tries to share from OneDrive directly? Same issue?
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