Unable to see files under Files tab in group chat created in Microsoft TEAMS

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We have created a group chat in TEAMS and share documents in FILES tab. This is visible to all. By mistake we have removed a member and re-added him. Below are the 2 situation, we are struggling with:


1. Member who got re-added, unable to see files or document shared initially under Files Shared.

2. If the same member share a file with us, we are able to use under Files however that person is unable to see anything and getting message screen only.


Can anyone help us in this? That member is unable to see any of the files either he shared or we shared under Files tab.



Yogesh Barania.


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Can the user see it on the web client at Teams.microsoft.com or is it just the desktop client?

Have you fully logged the user out and back in after re-didn’t them to the group chat?

Best, Chris
I’m gonna try this out some more because last time I tried this I had some unexpected results like new members didn’t get permissions to the files etc! There might be some inconsistencies here

@Christopher Hoard Yes tried in Web client as well, same issue. Also logged from client and web both, still the same issue. 

Hmm @adam deltinger any results?

Sounds like a ticket to support May be best here.

Best, Chris
I am also facing the same issue, if any one share if any solution the same.

@Yogesh_Barania - We do have user having same issue. May I know you figured out the root cause of the issue?

@Vishwanath Hadagali : unable to reproduce the issue, due to MS was not able to find any root cause since issue was intermittent.