Toll Free Audio Conferencing - License Requirements

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Hi All,

I am looking at using Teams Audio Conferencing to replace our current dial in meeting provider. 

All I need is for users to be able to book Teams meetings and have a toll free number for the external attendees to dial in via. We don't need any "phone system" functionality to make regular calls, got this covered by a traditional IP phone system, this is only for meetings. 


Am I right that I have two choice, an add on to our E3 lics paid monthly or, as we are on an EA agreement, we can use the per-min option?

What I am not clear on are conferencing credits, would this be needed for both standard audio conf lics and the per-min solution?


Finally, it seems the MS link to the costings for this is broken - can anyone point me at the costs of this , based in the UK so UK pricing please. I just need to be able to compare the cost of a audio conf add on vs the per-min option. 


Thanks all.

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@Matt Cox 


You can check the rates here Microsoft Teams Voice Calling | Cloud Phone System


If you don't have the license it'll cost 2.5ppm for dialling a regular 0845 number, or 6.6ppm for a 0800 freephone number.


If you buy the license on top of E3 at £3.60 pupm then the regular numbers are included, its included as part of the E5 license..


It's hard to realistically compare costs to an existing service, your staff and a good proportion of your external guests will join using data, and so have no cost. I would also question the need for freephone in the UK, will your guests really care about a cost even if they don't have included minutes? The only place I see it being used is for some countries like UAE where you can't get national rate numbers.

Thanks for the info.

If I understand you correctly, getting the E3 add on lic for audio conferencing is all I need to to have standard dial in meetings?
Are there any minutes limits etc or is that just for when dialing out of a meeting?
Does the standard audio conf LIC updlgrade include toll free? We would rather customers called a free number than paid.


@Matt Cox


The per user license includes dial-in to regular toll numbers, e.g. a London number by default but you can swap this to be your local area code. It also include dial-out for 60 minutes to a fairly long list of Zone-A countries.