Timetable overwiev for online Meetings possible ?

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Is it possible for the teacher to set up a kind of timetable for online lessons. When which courses take place or are canceled so that you have a complete overview ?

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Hi @Deleted

Not today, however there are multiple uservoices for Teams to have a timetable




Would recommend you vote on them to push up the agenda. As a former secondary school teacher myself, I am familiar with being able to base your week on a timetable as opposed to an actual calendar, or at least have a view where it brings it all together. I believe this would be a good add for Teams. Teams does have the calendar but this doesn't show you if the meeting/course took place, and if cancelled does then show on the calendar.

So I know what you require, nothing on the Microsoft 365 roadmap or even hearing something like that from Microsoft - so uservoice is the best place to go vote for this one

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris