Teams won't set up files

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We're trying out teams as an alternative to make online meetings and files sharing easier considering everything that's going on in the world, but we can't seem to get it working. The files tab still shows the message "we can't get your files". When I try to send it as an attachement in the chat it says that it's still setting up my files. I tried creating another team but it gives the same messages (see attached pictures, names blacked out).


As I understand it usually takes a couple of minutes to set up files when creating a new teams, but it has been 48 hours since the team was created. I can't seem to find a solution online, any ideas? Is it possible that there are some issues because a lot of people are trying it out now?

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Hi! There’s indeed been lots of issues this week! And many with the same issue you are describing. Give it some more time, otherwise create a ticket with Microsoft!

Hi @12thfury

Is this a Free Teams account, or a paid one with Office 365 licences?

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger Ah then I will be patient. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi @Christopher Hoard


It is a free account, we're just trying it out for now. With both options we should be able to access the files right? Adam also pointed out that there are more accounts with the same issues, so I think I just need to be patient a little bit longer.


Best, Bas


Understood. I have raised this to the product team. Both Adam and I have insight of this so if we have it confirmed that its fixed, we'll confirm back. In the meantime we hope it self-resolves

Best, Chris

Hi @12thfury 


Did your problem was solved? Because I have the same...

Hi @spawnn


No I still have the same issues. For now everthing I tried (creating new teams, deleting old ones etc. ) hasn't worked. @Christopher Hoard has raised this to microsoft, so I'm hoping it will be resolved soon. I'm not entirely sure if its wise to create a ticket with microsoft, (or if it is at all possible considering this is a free account) but maybe Christopher can provide some advice?

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I would raise a ticket - it helps give visibility internally their end. @adam deltinger and I are chasing them this end. Looks like it's the SharePoint/OneDrive side of things at the current time.

Best, Chris


Hi, the same problem we encountered. We created an account on behalf of the school activating Office 365 A1 for faculty then I created accounts for each teacher choosing Office 365 A1 for faculty license but when we try to send a file through OneDrive it does not work. Is Onedrive included in this package (Office 365 A1) or not? At least his icon appears in the package presentation.
Also attached the license set for each teacher and an error saying that I need a license for using Onedrive....


Neither SharePoint works  stuck as Onedrive with the message "We're still working on getting files setup on SharePoint / Onedrive. This should take us a few minutes ”

Hope this will be soon fixed

Okay this will be the last time I bother you hehe :), but how do I make a ticket? I figured there would be an option in the app/desktop but I can't seem to find it...
Bottom Left corner: Help > Leave Feedback. It is raised as Support Data.

As it's a free service you won't have the ability to enter the Microsoft 365 admin centre to raise a formal ticket for investigation. However, the more they see this logged feedback pull through it'll built the momentum to escalate

Best, Chris
I think I kinda solved it but this is a huge minus for MS for not providing such details...

I created new organization but named it using just letters - no spaces or any other characters. It worked. My initial org name had dots and spaces, later I tried without dots - no luck. But just letters worked... Of course you cannot change name of existing organization so you need to start over.

Why Microsoft is not giving any hints when you create org name that such rules should be applied?

Generally i noticed this app is pretty buggy... If you create channel and delete it then you can never use the same channel name for any new channel... Also if you add a user, then delete him and invite him again, then when you use @ it will hint this user 2 times (2 rows) but only one will actually work and send notification...

I hope all that will be fixed because now if you make one mistake like that - there is no option to fix it, you need to start over...
Yeah I myself had two tries before I had a correct org, but once it is properly set up it works nice.

The issue with the files tab has indeed been solved, I am able to acces it again.
Glad it's all sorted guys!

Best, Chris

@12thfury How you got it fixed? Could you please share? 

I didn't, issue resolved itself. Probably was a bug at the time and Microsoft uploaded a fix.
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