Teams Wiki image can't be retained

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We like Teams Wiki, where can quickly create sections and pages. However, recently found a bizarre issue about images.


By selecting a certain section, I'm able to insert images from the top menu bar, and the images could be inserted. 

Insert successfullyInsert successfully

But once others access the Wiki (or myself go to other tabs or channels and go back to the Wiki tab), and click on the image, it will just disappear! There's no way to get it back (undo, ctrl+z not working).

Click on it will 'delete' itClick on it will 'delete' it


Anyone met the same issue, and if there's any approach to fix? Thanks.

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@bruce_1605 I tried but still have the same problem.

@Richard_Wu The issue is with the file size..uploading any image more than 200 KB gets disappear when anyone tries to click or edit the image



I am looking for a resolution also.  All my images in Teams WIKI turned into "Machine generated alternative text" and the images will not display.






Still having this issue as of Feb 2022:




The links in previous comments no longer work (first one lands on a page saying "This Content Was Archived" and the UserVoice link just goes to the general list of all feedback for Microsoft Teams), but here is a UserVoice complaint about this issue:


Hope everyone will go vote for it to get Microsoft's attention to finally fix this severe bug.

@dustin-hansen Same problem here, April 2022.


Take a snapshot or snaggit the image and paste it, it will not disappear.