Teams web not loading in Windows Edge Canary Version 103.0.1259.0

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This just started happening to me a few days ago. results in "We're sorry, we've run into an issue" on the past two Edge Canary builds (Version 103.0.1259.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)). Runs fine on release versions and on Chrome.

Just looking for anyone else who'd be so kind as to confirm/replicate before I submit feedback to the team.



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Hi. I thought it was just me I have exactly the same problem. I have had to revert to the standard Edge browser until this is fixed. I have followed this article and still the issues are there. I have also cleaned the browser out, uninstalled and reinstalled.

I noticed it has now started happening with the DEV builds as well.
In particular, Version 103.0.1255.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
Oh no! Thankfully the stable releases have not been affected. Hope they fix this issue soon as I do like testing out the Canary builds.

Hey all,
In the latest Canary build Version 103.0.1262.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit), Teams is working normally again. :smile:

For those using the Dev channel, we also expect the next Dev build to have the fix, assuming Dev ends up getting 1262 or higher.

I have Edge Dev 103.0.1264.2, and Teams Web works within it, however it no longer works to launch the Teams app....  I am able to still do this pasting the same URL into Edge 101.

We're investigating an issue with the app launch popup right now that's probably what you're experiencing.
The problem whereby the Teams website fails to launch the Teams Desktop client from Edge/Chrome version 103+ is a known bug that the Teams team will fix on the website shortly: