Teams Voice


Are many people using Teams Voice with Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues without issue ?

I've setup a single attendant with a single call queue.  The call queue has 3 agents - all test users that I can see via Team Viewer.  I call the attendant and they all ring most of the time.  Sometime I get the attendant welcome message followed by sorry we cannot connect you now please try again later.


If I make 5 or 6 calls I can get the message but do not know why, a lot of the time the call rings and one of the agents can answer.


Anyone get this ? 

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@GaryS123 Lots of people use it, for example I've set it up for the receptions calls for some very large companies in London.


It's not a problem I've seen. 

Im getting the same problem. Did you manage to fix it? If so, how did u do it? thanks
Deleted the setup and recreated and that sorted it for me.
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