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I use Microsoft Teams for work and I have one issue: I can not set up Teams meetings in Outlook (similar option with Skype for Business button).


I am in two groups: in the first one I am admin and in the second one I am just a member.


I've searched some tutorials on Google/Youtube, but almost all of them said that I should have a "Meetings button" on the left side, which I don't. 


Can anyone help me solve this problem? 


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So you are saying you don’t have the Teams meeting button in Outlook and not the calendar button in teams?

Are you on free Teams?


I have the Calendar button in Teams, but there it says that "You don't have permissions to create private meetings" and below "You don't have permissions to create channel meetings". 


You may find a photo below.


I don't know how to check, but I don't think I'm on a free version.


By the way, my colleague (who created the group where I'm a owner too) can send meetings invitations in Teams. But he is the only one who can..



Seems this is due to a meeting policy restricting this. See here:

If you’re not an admin contact one and ask

I have admin access.

But the problem is I don't know how to manage these policies, or what I need to ask my colleague to do for me..
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You need to access Teams admin center.from there you need to go to meeting policies. you can also check what policies you yourself are assigned if you go to users in teams admin center and from there you can see what policies are assigned to you.

If you look at the doc I linked it says what setting restricts you from creating meetings

Thank you very much!

I have the same issue with my teacher from VN. Meeting Policies allow "Allow scheduling private meeting" but the user can not create a meeting.

@Thuan_Pham Have you fixed the issue for the message "you don't have permission to create private meetings" ? Someone kindly send me solution.