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Hello there. Sorry if I am in the wrong place.


Me and my work colleagues are enjoying the teams app in these difficult times and we want to get the most out of it. I think the business is on office 2019, and we seem to have access to lots of good stuff, sharepoint etc.


We have set up some channels in the teams section for the various bids we are working on and within these further channels breaking the bid down.


Unless we are actually in the teams section of the app we have no idea anyone has posted. If we go into the team section channels with notifications are bolded, but thats not much use unless we are in the teams section.


Is there no way to have a number or what ever appear on the teams logo on the left just like it does on the chat icon?


I have checked notifications settings they are all on.

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Have you checked the notifications per Channel?

Click the 3 dots (...) next to a channel and click channel notifications! Here you can enable notifications per channel which is off per default


@adam deltinger 

I have the same problem. The settings are turned on, but no notifications received.

If I create a new group, it works. But if I create a group from an existing 365 group, it doesn't work.

My group has the same issue.  It appears if you turn notifications on after the channel is set up and team members are added, then notifications don't work. 

@Brian Harp 

Well, don't you always turn on notifications after the group has been created? The default value is no notifications on the channel.
Also, I'm creating the team chat from an existing group, so the members are already added.


We are having the same issue, whether we create the group with individuals or use a 365 group. We have the notifications turned on but only receive replies to comments we've made. We have no idea outside of physically checking the Teams area for bolded wording to know a new post has been made. I just want to follow to see if anything is posted that might help. This is showing to be a hurtle for adoption of the software.

Same issue here. I'm getting notifications for replies or @ mentions but nothing for a new post... This is across multiples channels and multiple teams. Glad I am not the only one but extremely frustrating and such an important part of Teams!

@garethsnaim  My department has been experiencing the same issue. It's intermittent, too. Some days the notifications work, other days they don't; Some days you can adjust notification settings, other days you can try but they will not stick! I work in a dispatch office, we are moved around from area to area daily. Each area has it's own team, so each day we have to adjust our notification settings to ensure we're receiving the ones we need ,and aren't bogged down by those we don't need.

We aren't listed as administrators, so we can't change any Windows settings requiring that authorization. But if there is a known fix our local admins can apply, I will be happy to pass the information along. 

Windows 10 Enterprise, V 1803, OS build 17134.1365