Teams shows edge tabs, not the window when trying to share, and it does not work

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When i am trying to share a Edge Chromium window with Teams, I get all the tabs in the browser shown to share and not just one window. See screen shot. I can select a tab and share but it does not work.
Anyone that knows how to fix this.

Google Chrome just shows up as one window and works fine no matter how many tabs are open.

Screenshot 2020-12-11 151054.jpg

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@ThMoJe I've been noticing this as well, the only solution i've found is to simply open a couple of more tabs, then you will get the option as below, and the whole window will be shared.
Feels like this is by design, i've seen it on several different clients


Hi, cannot reproduce this behavior as Teams shares only the active tab in Edge. Could perhaps be version/cache related in both apps. Has it been long since signing out from Teams manually? (top right corner). That’s the quickest way of cache refresh. To ”hard reset” Teams you can type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and hit enter (via start) and delete all content in that folder. While you’re at it try updating the desktop app by searching for updates. As for the browser updates they are most likely managed by your org. but if not it can be done from within the settings ”About Microsoft Edge”.

@ThMoJe Is it Windows 20 20H2? There was a change so the browser shows as multiple tabs in Alt-Tab, maybe the same effect?


In the Windows Settings app, under System, Multitasking you can choose how many tabs show as processes.

Good shout Steven, that would explain why I’m not experiencing this.

One for the ”archive” :thumbs_up:

@Pontus Själander Tried opening both many tabs and windows.

Also changing the Multitasking setting as mentioned by @Steven Collier . BTW Steven, yes it started when upgrading to 20 20H2, so it Edge exposing tabs as windows that causes this. That would be alright if you were then able to share the tab, but nothing gets shared. Other participants Teams, does react like some is starting to share something, but then nothing gets shared. 

@ChristianBergstrom also tried cleaning appdata and making sure everything up to date. No luck. 
Will try an uninstall/reinstall as soon as i have the time. 

Thanks for the suggestions :smile:

@ThMoJe I have been having this problem for a few weeks now and it is driving me nuts. Has anyone found a solution?

@m4tthallNo. But I have noticed that Teams actually, in addition to all the tabs also gives you the option of sharing the entire window. Typically it is one of the last thumbnail's.

But I would like to get rid of all the tabs, that will not share anyway :)

But in my case, I have run into another problem, as dropdown boxes on webpages, is not getting shared.


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The lack of an option not to show tabs at all is horrible. I am surely not the only person with many tabs open and scrolling through tons of tabs it a horrible experience.


Same problem as today. I switched to Edge to work, but this issue is really annoying.

I usually work with tens of opened tabs.

@disiertec mine had fixed itself over the last couple of months but started doing it again this week. Not sure if there was a Teams update that may have impacted this or something specific on my machine. In either case, I am getting around this by sharing my 2nd screen where I put the content I wish to share.

@m4tthall I have the same issue and have resorted to the same 2nd screen fix or alternatively switch to chrome when I need to share a web site ... which is rather frustrating

Seems Microsoft is not going to change this. I have also opted for the second screen solution, adding a 2nd HD screen to share in Teams, to complement my 4K main screen.
I nice workaround would be to be able to share and area of the screen. So suggesting that you help push this by upvoting