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In Microsoft 365 admin center if you click on Users > Active users, there appears the following message:
"Due to a recent increase in Teams usage, when you assign a Teams license to a user it may take around 24 hours before they’ll be fully set up. Until then, you won't be able to assign Teams policies to them, and they might not have access to some Teams features like calling and audio conferencing".

If I click on "Check status", it is opening a new page "‎Teams‎ setup status".
I have there two teams and one user which were created on January 2020, but they are with status "Pending".
What is the reason behind this status "Pending"?


Please check the attachments.

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@AtanasM  I'm seeing the same thing. Trying to sort out why several users don't show up in Teams Admin Center or are stuck in pending.

@MGSpaceCaptain I think this option was created because of the long provisioning of the new users in Teams in order to check the current status. But it is almost not actual und unnecessary.