Teams screen flickering

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Does anyone else have screen flickering while using Teams. This isn't necessarily while screensharing, this is in a chat, updating a file, or any time Teams feels like doing it. My drivers have been updated (multiple times) so I don't think that's an issue.

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Try toggling the hardware graphics acceleration option.

@shines92  All of my Android users are having this issue.  It just started happening in the last few days. I haven't seen it on our Wintel desktops.

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@Eric Korb i have had this happen to me also. It may be an application issue. What ended up working for me was exiting the app on the android device and then disabling the wifi.  Launching it of cellular data after and then once it opens up, re enabling the wifi.

Let me know if this works for you as i am curious on results. 

I disabled the WiFi, clicked the optimise app, enabled WiFi again and it worked.
@Onehitwonder I will the next time it happens. Thanks.

@Onehitwonder this worked like a champ! Thanks!

I will next time it happens.
We tried the procedure above and it worked. Thank you.
Could it be doing it when the person has a slow internet connection and sharing webcam ?
The screen is flickering in the meeting only (audio or video).
It just happened to me too! this is the first time and there wasn't any software update prior to this. Found this thread online. I'll try disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi suggestion below. My laptop is Windows and am using Starbucks public wifi and never had this issue before (have been using this company laptop & Teams since Nov 2021).