teams says im offline but im online

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My teams say it's offline even though I'm online, can anyone help me?

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Have you tried to change your presence? There’s an offline option now also you can set so that’s might be what’s has happened Adam
how do you enable that?

Hi @nuLL55   Adam is referring to your status within Teams.  Click on your photo and you'll see the options User presence in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


@nuLL55, I'm also getting this same problem. Well, when I had my old computer, running Windows last year, I got the problem twice. It seems to be something has gone wrong with Teams, and if you get this message, I'm sure you cannot access to the profile picture. Well, I fixed this problem with just three simple ways:

1) Save any unsaved work on your computer, close all the applications, and restart your computer. It might solve the problem, for you, as it is quite of a good thing to restart, as Teams may be lacking with something, so if you restart, it will be good as new.

2) If that didn't work, unninstall Teams from your computer. In order to do this, go to the Start Menu and navigate to the Microsoft Teams app's shortcut. Righ click on the shortcut, and click unninstall. It will open control panel (if you're in Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7), where you need to navigate again to the Microsoft Teams title, and double click on it, to unninstall. Then download Teams from the website, and install again. 


3) You can use the web version, of Teams. Even though with a not a lot features, the web version can do the most things, the desktop version can, so since this problem, I've been using the web version of Teams, and I've done a lot. :smile: To access the web version, simply go onto, the Teams website, and access the web version, and sign in, which is simple! :stareyes: (

please use the above method, to do it in simple ways... I reccomend all the options. ☝☝☝


I hope this help you.



Instead of restarting the whole machine, just restart Teams. You need to quit Teams rather than just close the window using the right click menu on the Teams icon in System Icons section of the toolbar. 



I tried restarting MSTeams and my macbook but those did not work.  I had to sign out of MSTeams and then signin again before the status icons were correct.




DO NOT UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL TEAMS IF: Teams was installed on your PC when a full version of Office 365 was installed.  You'll end up having to uninstall all of Office and reinstall it.


In my case, I have a full version of Office 365 through my consulting company, but a basic version of Office 365 through the company I represent.  I need to use the profile of the company I represent, but I need to use features from Office 365 programs on my PC.


So I sign into Teams with the company I represent. There are ongoing issues with it - one of them being that it thinks I'm offline a lot.  As Microsoft can't support more than one work account on a PC - I just have to live with the issue and try to sort out the problems as they come.  

@abyrne215  I've got to the point where I restart Teams to fix the immediate problem, but it's annoying that MS still haven't resolved the issue.

Yeah, that's also a thing you can do. But, the thing is, if you restart your computer, it will just close everything and come back again, new and fresh. We don't know if it's a problem in your computer or on Teams, so better is to try both. However, if you're talking simplicity, you can try @TomFalc's way too. I'd reccomend a full restart. It's more effective!
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If that's the point, then I'd not reccomend that option @nuLL55. As, I went through some articles and I checked it out there, and @abyrne215, is correct. If you have Teams installed with Office 365 included, don't unninstall Teams. It's not a risk, but you may have to install Office again.