Teams Rooms experience for a Small Meeting Room



Hi All,


We are thinking of trying out the Teams Rooms for a small meeting room and trying to solicit your feedback/experience on this. For this trying out we are budgeting around 2500$ (small room).


- What specific Meeting Rooms device you have experienced with, and what kind of device would you recommend, e.g. Logitech, Yealink, Crestron, etc...

- what audio/video peripherals you experienced with and what would you recommend

- what are the challenges you have encountered to setup/configure the Teams Rooms devices

- Appreciate any other tips if you could share


Thanks in advance...



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Hi @Monir  While you're waiting for other community members to share their experiences, I thought I'd include this doc: Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Thank you @ThereseSolimeno. Appreciate very much for sharing, though, I am somewhat aware of this doc(s).  Hoping to get some feedback from real-life experience.  Thanks 


We are using HP Elite Slice G2 with Polycom Trio conference phones and they're working as they're supposed to. 

The biggest problem with these devices is that the users sometimes accidentally remove the cables and then for example the audio doesn't work. Fortunately you can see the health status of the rooms from the Teams Admin Center under Devices>Teams Rooms. You can also monitor the devices with Azure Monitor. More information here 


@Tomas_S   Thanks. Good to know it's been working out well for you.  I suppose there were no major challenges for setting this up or any kind of hiccups besides the cable thingy. Thanks for sharing the tips on keeping an eye on the health status.  I'll put this on our list of consideration...  thanks 



Hi @Tomas_S, it looks like the  HP Elite Slice G2 is a pure audio system for Teams Rooms.  Are you not using the video feature for Teams meetings? If yes, curious to know, what video product you are bundling with your HP Elite Slice G2? Thanks 


Note: I just talked to HP and they confirmed their Teams Rooms products don't have a video feature at this time.