Teams Room System Unable to Fetch Calendar after the update to

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We are starting to get an issue after the Teams Room System Update error on the display cannot fetch calendar (skype sign in is fine)


We did a trace and we don't see anything block from our environment to Microsoft. 


Anyone else experiencing the same issue?  pretty sure because of the update, the rest of our teams room system with the older version is fine. 



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@AlexJr We have the same issue at a Government customer in Sweden after upgrade to version Hope that Microsoft addresses this issue immediately or give us a workaround.

This customer uses Skype for Business Server 2015 and 2019 On-Premise as well as Exchange Server 2016 On-Premise and everything worked fine until yesterday.

Thanks, let me know if you've any update from Microsoft.

@AlexJr I haven’t seen this on any of my units, but you mention that Skype signs in fine.  

Does that mean that you are using the setting of Skype only?  


For my units I am complete O365 for Teams (obviously), Skype and Exchange.  Strange that it only happens since the update, but there are some things you can try.


Maybe check your audit logs on the account and see if there might be an exception for authentication on the account that might help you track it down as well.  I’ve encountered it a few times and wrote some of the common causes about it Here .


Does it actually bring down the meeting info or does it just display the error?




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Fixed in version that has gotten pushed to our devices.


Thank you, you are even faster than Microsoft itself in relaying the info :)

Going to check it out.
Thanks for the insight. Our older devices are fine, the issue only affecting devices with latest version 4.3.21. It seems that Microsoft releasing a hot fix to address this.
the confirmed fixed the issue


I just setup a new teams room and device and getting the same fetch calendar issue with 4.3.23


any ideas

@bjones96 I don't have any issue with the newer version.


Please check:

  • the room mailbox is in O365 (if you don't use exchange 2016), if you've another teams room system try to login the room account to that working teams room to make sure that there is no issue with the account.
  • it could be a proxy issue as well if this your first device deployment it's good to go through the preparation check


Thanks. I've looked over this and all should be good. One thing i noticed is that the "Meeting Room" license we have doesn't include any mention of Exchange which is required.


Am I using the wrong license?