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We are trying to install our first Teams Rooms system. Though the system (Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500) is logging onto the SRS, it is not signing in to the Ms Teams.


I've checked the system logs but I could not detect any valid information:

{"Description":"Network status : Healthy. Exchange status : Connected. Signin status: Healthy. Teams Signin status: Unhealthy.","ResourceState":"Unhealthy","OperationName":"Heartbeat","OperationResult":"Fail","OS":"Windows 10","OSVersion":"10.0.17134.950","Alias":"","DisplayName":"TeamsRoom","AppVersion":"","IPv4Address":"hidden","IPv6Address":"","IPv4Address2":"hidden"}


  • The account is active and has been tested on a demo unit before
  • No local admin account because it's being managed by Azure AD. 
  • Skype for Business and Exchange backends sign in but for some reason Teams doesn't.
  • E5 license attached to it.


I would really appreciate your ideas.

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@WhizFi often this kind of thing comes down to some conditional access policies or other config thats refusing the Teams Room System. If you go into AzureAD and look up the useraccount, can you see any blocked login events and their cause?

Hi @WhizFi,

Have you assigned a Teams Meeting Room Licence? The following article may help.

Let me know how it goes!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard it need a team license, doesn't need the meeting room license specifically. It can just be a cheaper way to purchase the right licenses.

Hmm. That is true.

@WhizFiIf you just created the account, wait for a little while as sometimes it takes time to populate to Teams and I have noticed that time increasing lately.  Also as someone before pointed out, if you are using anything like Pyng Federate or another service to login, try bypassing that service for authentication if you can.  Nothing that you have posted stands out as the definitive reason you are having an issue though.

@Steven Collier You may be right. We are working on the Azure AD side at this moment. 


As there's no "reply to all" function in the forum, regarding the licensing etc. We already used this account to test on the evaluation unit and it worked without any problems. 


It has an E5 license attached to it. (I know, E3 was enough too).


Yesterday I managed to download the logs, but frankly I'm not sure what I am supposed to look for. 

Hi, we have noticed the same issue on several of of our devices.
Suddenly, we were not able to sign in to Teams, which worked perfectly all the time before.
We noticed that the time was not correct set up on the device. We fixed clock and activated 'internet time synchronization' and after reboot the device was able to log in again.


Checking time zones and time could resolve the issue.

@Franka Sander thanks a lot, we were having the same issue with our system. Log-in the admin session and making sure the time was synced solved it.



Unfortunately here we got the exactly same problem with our Logitech Tap Rooms System. Time and timezone is correct, conference room licence assigned correctly, conditional access rules are disabled for this user, Teams rooms app is updated to Eveything has been set up in the cloud, still the teams login is shown as "unhealthy" while all other logins (Network, Exchange, etc.) are in a "healthy" state.


Microsoft support is not able to give any advice or solution for more than 1 month now. It's really annoying since I was creating the user several times with the SkypeRoomProvisioningScript and even first reset, then completely reinstalled the NUC device that's running the teams rooms app.


Hi. I have the same problem

My config: Logitech Tap Rooms + Intel NUC

@Farik7707 I have almost the same issue except Skype for Business says disconnected and Teams is logged in but still have the same message at the top "Signing in..."

I solved this problem


What fixed your issue?


We have a handful of devices that run into this issue occasionally on whatever version of the Teams app and Windows 10 OS build. Our devices (Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500) are on a wired connection.

Our workaround:

1. Sign into the local admin account

2. Disconnect from wired connection

3. Connect to a hotspot (external connection) and reboot

4. Once the device signs into Teams, reconnect to wired connection and turn off hotspot

Our workaround typically works for 3 - 5 days. It's as if it quits trying to sign in after that amount of time or getting blocked by our network.

@Jazzy23 Hi

Reinstalling .appx (Teams) to the old version. And then, Teams itself will update to the latest version and still work normally. Look my screenshot 




@Farik7707 still didn't work, screen looks different but still sitting at a "Signing in..."  prompt as before

@MVo_CH Hope you got your meeting rooms systems up and running.


This was my experience just a couple days ago. If anyone is still looking for a solution mine was related to the software version on the hardware console. It was 4.2.* and did not have the modern authentication option during setup. After quite a few hours of troubleshooting, I came across this blog that recommended doing a manual software update. Then realized I should have thought of this at the beginning. He links to the Microsoft instructions near the bottom but also recommends not using the -Update option that they include. Honestly I think I ran both and cant say for sure which one worked. The important note was to make sure you are targeting the correct path, for my Logitech Tap it ended up being the Rigel folder on the root of the C: drive.


Hope this helps someone.





I have same issue: kype for Business says disconnected and Teams is logged in but still have the same message at the top "Signing in..."


Is there a step by step procedure to log into a device for a 1st time? I'm not sure what I'm missing. We use OKTA for MFA.

@WhizFi , Hi ... I'm experiencing the same problem, with the Lenovo 500 ... event viewer shows error 2001 every 5 minutes, connections to Teams and Exchange are OK (tested away from app with admin account). Can't figure out what IP/port is missing? Please any help is highly appreciated. Workaround: enable any/any in FW, works for a week, then again Couldn't sign in to Teams...