Teams recordings moving from Stream to OneDrive/SharePoint - Help!

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While there is plenty of documentation on the upcoming Teams recordings moving from Stream to OneDrive/SharePoint, I have some specific questions that I have yet to find definitive answers for.  If anyone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it!  

  1. VTT caption files for narrated videos - we upload videos to Stream, download the auto-created VTT caption files, edit as needed, then use the VTTs in other deliverables. Will there be any point in this transition when we will not be able to do that?  How do we access the VTT caption files from recordings stored in OneDrive and SharePoint?
  2. Streams has a video playback control that allows for playback speed. This same capability is not in Sharepoint, as far as I can tell. Which of the new repositories (OneDrive or Sharepoint) is the closest to what Streams has offered?
  3. We’ve made extensive use of downloading the transcripts from the streams transcript, as that has been a critical part of our workflow. Will we be able to still get verbatim transcripts and download these transcripts?


Thank you in advance!

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With the new meeting recap you will get a transcript for your meetings if you turned transcripts in your meeting policy. Meeting recap is targeted for February 2021 in the roadmap. This was presented at Ignite 2020.

2. Implementing the new Stream player for OneDrive/SharePoint recordings is target for H1 2021.
Teams recordings in OneDrive/SharePoint —


3. Yes from the Meeting recap you will be able to download transcript in VTT format.

@Linus Cansby - Thank you so much, Linus!  I truly appreciate the speedy reply, and I'm checking out your page now.  Much appreciated!