Teams recording won't stop - new 4 hour recording every 4 hours!

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I hosted a meeting, which I recorded. My organisation's internet connection dropped and we were forced out of the meeting. When I rejoined I had no option to stop recording - only start recording was an option. I thought we had lost the recording, however, 4 hours later it published. But every 4 hours since then it is publishing a new 4 hour video for an empty meeting (black screen, no audio). Nobody is left in the meeting. I have tried rejoining and ending the meeting, but still the recordings continue. Is there a way to force stop on recording an empty meeting?

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Hi James,

Just to ask and confirm, after logging back into the meeting you stopped the actual recording in the meeting controls? Should be via the ellipsis (...)

If you did, short of deleting the meeting and seeing if that stops it, I would recommend raising a ticket to support via the Microsoft 365 admin centre. AFAIK there’s no way to stop a recurrent recording if you have already stopped it via the meeting controls after jumping back in the meeting (I.e via Powershell)

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

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Hi there,

I have just ran into the same issue:

- We had a Teams call yesterday with 4 other people, which I started to record.

- I didn't stop the recording when the call finished, I just assumed the recording would stop automatically after all attendees have left.



- The original recording never stopped. The call took us ~40 minutes but the 1st recording shows 4 hours.

- And then the recording kept going on and on, in empty chunks of 4 hours.

- After several chunks were recorded, I decided to Join back into the meeting.

- I verified that nobody was connected ("you are the only one here").

- Via the ellipsis (...) I saw the "Start recording" button (as if Teams was not recording, but it was!)

- So I tried to start recording, wait a few seconds, and then stop recording.

- Voila! Recording stopped.



- After a few hours, Teams started to record again, all by itself.

- Right now it's recording the 2nd 4 hour empty chunk after it restarted recording...


I don't think the Teams client has anything to do, as it seems to be a server issue, but do you think removing and reinstalling the Teams client in my PC may help?


Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance,




My best bet is to issue a ticket to Microsoft support.

I know there are issues editing meetings that have started.
I agree. Escalate to Microsoft on a ticket and then confirm the resolution back.

Best, Chris

I am facing the exact same issue atm - response from support yesterday: It may be a server side issue. @galborja 

Still - every 4 hours I get a notification for a new recording stored on ms stream.

Hi All, With the recent updates to Microsoft Teams and the End Meeting Feature released this should be resolved. Once you are meeting end you can end the meeting and the recording should stop. Please refer to the below article for the reference with regards to End Meeting Feature. With Regards, Satish U
Hi James, With the recent updates to Microsoft Teams and the End Meeting Feature released this should be resolved. Once you are meeting end you can end the meeting and the recording should stop. Please refer to the below article for the reference with regards to End Meeting Feature. With Regards, Satish U

@Satish2805 I have version and I still do not have this functionality related to ending the meeting you discuss. I have a meeting which has been recording in 4 hour increments for the last 23 hours. How do I get this to stop? The article you directed to also said the pop out chat feature is available in the version identified in the article and I do not have that capability either. Please help.


@JoshuaP same Issue here, and also no option to end it. Did you solve it somehow? 

Thanks for your answer


Similar issue here, the meeting has ended, but recording has not stopped. So I have no access to that meeting, but I get a whopping new file every 4 hours.

I have to say, the meeting was really buggy in the end: sharing screen was not working any longer even if I tried to unshare and share again several times several different windows and the whole desktop too. In the end I decided to end the meeting, so I stopped recording and ended the meeting BUT, recording never really stopped EVEN if it said so when I clicked on the proper option in the menu.

This is quite disfunctional.


Well, I also had some problems during the Meeting. So since yesterday 2 pm I always get a emty 4hr recording... Im glad that im not the only one but this doesnt solve it...

I am investigating it on my own and I will sure tell you when I find out something.

Its soon 24hours since the meeting so I am hoping that it solves itself after those 24hrs :D


Thanks, I will surely do the same.

I have also asked the University management, just in case they have any sort of "authoritative" access, but I am not that optimistic.

@NicoMichel How I ended up ending the meeting was to have the owner of the meeting (whoever sent out the meeting request) rejoin the meeting and then rather than just leaving the meeting, click on "End Meeting" (I believe this has been rebranded to end call for everyone or something under the leave button if you're the owner of the meeting). I haven't had an issue since I started having people end the meetings that way. So much has changed in Teams since I first had the issue I don't know if other things are now broken too.

Hey! Thanks for your reply. The Button "end meeting" is now somewhere else. I managed to find it and it looks good now.

Thanks for your help :D

@mauromigliardi so I found out how to fix this, at least for my case but I think this should work for everyone. The "end meeting" button is now at the same Place as the "leave" Button. For the Admin of the Call (the one who created the meeting) there should be a arrow down on the "leave" button and if you click that you can choose "end meeting"


(Here on the right side of the Button should be a small dropdown arrow where you can select "end meeting")


I hope this helps :D


Hi, in my case the meeting has actually ended, and I cannot re-join it in any way :(

Nonetheless, I just checked and the latest video in the stream is just 14 seconds, so there might have been some sort of safeguard against too long a "meeting". I am not sure though, I will check again tomorrow.

Thanks for your suggestion anyway :)

you cant go into the meeting via teams calendar? If no, I hope you can solve it soon or it is even solved already?

Have a nice Day, Nico



No, the meeting was not in the calendar (started on the fly) so I cannot get in it from the calendar.

I think I solved the problem sending a problem notification for every single 4h file that was generated: after about 28 hours it stopped recording (no new files since).


Thanks for the suggestion anyway.