Teams Recording Not Capturing PowerPoint 2021

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Starting last week, my Teams recordings are not properly capturing the PowerPoint that has been uploaded into the meeting. It shows the meeting screen (including the cameras of others) but the screen where the PowerPoint should be displayed says "Loading..."


This has happened 5 times - I've tested it with several different people in different locations and have tested it on meetings as long as 2 hours and as short as 5 minutes - same thing happens. 


I've tried starting the recording before loading the PPT and stopping the recording and ensuring the recording fully saves before ending the meeting but am getting the same loading screen. HELP.

Teams screenshot.PNG

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Hello, is this still an issue? Did you try any standard troubleshooting such as signing out manually, reinstall etc.? You can always reach out to your IT admin for assistance with support ticket creation with the official support.
We just had this happen to 3 sessions today. Everything outside of PowerPoint live is fine. Otherwise we all get the 'Loading..' screen during PPT Live portion. :unamused_face:
It seems like key functionality of Powerpoint Live is not there. :( The Loading when you have recorded is really infuriating.
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