Teams recording lost due to Microsoft Stream storage quota?

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Hi Everyone!


It happened to us that one day we noticed, that Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are not showing up in Microsoft Teams. Within 24 hours we found out that it was because of storage quota problems. My question is the following:


If a recording is created in Teams while there is no Stream storage available is the recording lost? We bought additional storage since, and the recording is not showing in the video recording list.


I would think that since the video is stored and converted in Azure, it should show up after storage problem is resolved.


Has had anyone any similar experience in the past?

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Uff, I recommend you to open a support ticket as soon as possible. Recover missing Stream recordings can be problematic
@BalintKovari did you get any answer to your question? I am in the same boat.

@Elevatekp  I did not get any answer. I was looking through my mail but did not find the one that I was looking for. In short:

A few days later I received a mail that my recording is ready and can only be downloaded for two weeks (I think) so the recording was not lost luckily.

Hi, if there's no storage available I suppose the recording has to stay put in AMS (Azure) the same behavior as when there's no licensing for Stream (or OneDrive/SharePoint if opted in to the new storage location). So, in these scenarios the recording will be available in Azure and visible in Teams for download for 21 days before being removed.
Thanks @BalintKovari for your response, I hope my user gets the email too.
Thanks @ChristianJBergstrom, Download link simply downloads a corrupt PNG file and doesn't download the actual video. Any idea as to where in Azure to look for this file?
Hello, there's no way to search for this yourself so you need to reach out to Microsoft support and see if they can do anything about it. But by judging from your description only getting a picture that doesn't seem likely I'm afraid. And if 21 days has gone it will be deleted.
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