Teams private channel storage quota

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In case that the storage limitation is configured as Automatic on the SPO tenant, how can we verify what is the current quota on the private channel ?


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Two options at least:
(1) SPO Admin Center -> Active Sites -> Select the PC site -> See details
(2) PowerShell

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Hi thank for this, but I need to find out the storage quota, not the current usage. the place where you pointed, we can see what is the current usage, whish we already know.



Creating a TEAM in TEAMS creates a SP Team Site to hold data (SharePoint Team Sites quota 25TB. ) . Standard Channels creates a folder within the TEAM's SP Document Library (Uses 25TB). Private Channels creates a separate SP Team site to hold the data. So technically Private Channel Quota should be 25TB (Separate)? Please correct me if I am wrong - I am also looking to implement this.