Teams only displaying half of posted images

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The issue with Teams not reliably displaying images not withstanding, there is a new issue that has appeared with the latest update and is plaguing my whole organization. When posting or sharing an image to a chat, only half of the image is displayed. If clicked on, the full image will appear, but it's as if the preview in the chat is cropped. Most folks don't realize this is happening and think that what they're looking at is the whole image (and they typically don't think to open an image if it's just a simple screenshot), so this is hampering our ability to review and communicate.


Does anyone else have this issue with the most recent update? Any ideas on how to fix or is it known and there are upcoming updates that will resolve?


MacBook Pro 2019

MacOS Monterey 12.1

Most recent version of Teams

Have already attempted: Clearing cache, rebooting, signing-out and back in.

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@ShawnaM The two images come from different urls, do all your devices connect through the same proxies, firewalls, vpns ?

Yes. And this was never a problem before the latest update. Only just started happening.
We are having same issue.
Is "restart Teams" helpful?

we don't have this, but we have a issue that load picture failed(not half, totally failed)
which is still working by MS, 3 months and nothing...god, unbelievable
we find the this workaround(restarts Teams) by myself

I'm afraid restarting does not solve it. And it's happening across is doing it too.

Images not loading at all - that's a separate problem I think. We used to have it and usually could fix it by clicking into the image and resizing the window (not sure why changing the window dimensions helped but there you have it). This is a new problem...though I will say that it seems to have replaced the "image wont load" issue. That appears to be gone, now we get the image but only half. XD

Interestingly, loaded gifs (selected from the preloaded GIF library) do fine.

Can confirm we're also having this problem, affecting our Apple computers. Also noticed it briefly on my Windows PC, but it stopped happening after a day or so.

Struggling to find anyone with the same issue other than the odd post without a solution :\
Same issue with half image being displayed and as original poster have tried "Clearing cache, rebooting, signing-out and back in."

MacOS: Catalina 10.15.7
Ms Teams: