Teams on Windows suddenly dark/faded after applying 1909


Hi all,


I have an unusual situation on my own computer after updating to 1909 (removing did not fix the issue).   My Teams client is suddenly displaying as dark/faded gray across the entire app, almost like a context window is in front, but it's not.  The app is fully functional but difficult to read.  I tried switching the themes but the issue persists. 


I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling to no avail.  Even more strange, taking a native screenshot does not show the discoloration - I have to take it with my phone.


Here's a screenshot of the login screen where you can clearly see the discoloration even during the loading/login phases. I have Skype open to the side so you can see the contrast.  This grayscaleish type issue is found in the entire app after logging in.



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@Phil Lyle 


having the same issue on a Dell XPS13 with 4k display and 1903

I'm also having the same problem. @Phil Lyle 

I think I found a solution. Uncheck Play HDR Games.



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I think I found a solution. Uncheck Play HDR Games.




@Phil Lyle 

Thats probably it. Mine suddenly fixed itself but I didn't correlate the potential change. Good catch!

@Phil Lyle I'm running into this too, and turning off HDR is definitely one possible solution, but I'd rather not do that since I do run games and apps that benefit from HDR.


Visual Studio Code is another Microsoft app that used to be dim when HDR is enabled but they fixed that last year. I hope the Teams team can do the same this year!

@lidesanWe need a solution that doesn't require toggling HDR just for this one app.