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I'm curious how everyone is handling Teams in non-Surface Hub, non-MTR shared spaces like conference rooms and labs - specifically, just a PC in the room that's connected to a projector and mic / speakers that multiple people log into.  Even though you can prevent the app from installing with the rest of the O365 package, how are you preventing users from downloading the full Teams app on their own? 
If devices in your organization are shared by multiple users, be aware that Teams is installed separately for each user that signs into that device. Installations of Teams average about 500 mb, so hard disk space, as well network bandwidth for updates, might become an issue for these shared devices installed with Teams. In cases where shared devices are used by a significant number of users, you might want to consider not installing Teams on those shared devices.
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@David Phillips 

We aren't doing anything special as we have on our shared devices and installation of Windows 10 "Shared." I do this through Intune and it manages the devices so that if they start to run out of space it is supposed to remove older user profiles to make space for a new user.

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