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Hi, I am connected to customer services and they told me to contact Teams directly regarding my mac not connecting to teams??


understand Peter but our Teams department can only be reached through this Community:

This community is being moderated by our Microsoft Teams developers and Specialists, they do not have a real-time support because the cases that they handle actually requires time to investigate.


Hi, my name is Peter, I have an imac with Catalina OS and use it for my childrens schooling. The first time I was given a teams code the computer logged me in as a guest and worked. Since then it has looped through a sequence with the app and always says "no account" but shows a log out tab. Please help me!!!

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Hi, it sounds like you are connecting to your children's school Teams environment as a guest user.  Have you tried contacting the school for support and asking them to check your access?


Also, if you are using the Teams desktop app on Mac OS, instead see if you can access Teams via the web app on browser by going to 

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