Teams notifications not working on Windows 10 desktop app

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I have a similar issue reported by many people.


Desktop Teams application stops showing notification after 3-5 minutes minimized. Also, there is a delay between getting notification on a mobile device (Android 10) and desktop, can take several minutes.


I've replaced 2 laptops because of hardware failure, and on all 3 have this issue with Teams. Some of my colleagues also experience it.


I have completed steps recommended in this thread (, it didn't work.


As a workaround, I don't minimize Teams windows, but this is not convenient.



- windows 10 enterprise 18362.418 x64

- teams (64-bit). It was last updated on 2/3/20.

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There is or was a bug with “closing teams” and not getting notifications even with the on close keep running activated. If you are just minimizing and not getting notifications and you can replicate it I would file a support request.

Notifications have been working fine on mobile and desktop for me on same version other than when closing teams with the x instead of minimize.

@Chris Webbthank you for suggestion, will try that.

BUT, as soon as I submitted this request, notifications started to work on my laptop and smartphone automagicaly.