Teams New Meeting Experience still not showing up

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07-September and the new meeting experience functionality is not showing up.  I've checked for updates on a daily basis to no avail.  The latest update came through to my environment on 25-August (v but the new meeting experience check box is still not showing up. 

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I had the same problem. All my colleagues had this new meeting experience. This is how I got it fixed.
I asked my colleague if he can send me his Teams Files (see picture)
Try these steps:
1. GO to Run %appdata%\Microsoft\teams
2. Delete your own Teams (Files) not folder but files
3. Paste the Files (from your colleague) (see picture)
4. Restart Teams
I dont know if this is going to help. But it worked for me. 


Teams Files.PNG



@Norman Racine Thanks Norman for the great feedback.
@Vreezy I did the following:

  1. Delete the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix
  2. Delete all files: %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams
  3. Restart workstation.

Worked for me.

Worked for me 2 Thank you @GrahamBotes 


Thank you for the reply. Finally we could convince our colleagues which are managing the SCCM to delete the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix and now it works as intended :) 

Good afternoon @GrahamBotes .

I am pleased that many are benefiting from my earlier post. I appreciate the acks.


I realize, however, that my post falls short in two areas:

1. I was able to communicate MY SPECIFIC SITUATION where VDI was interpreted by the Teams installer. Unfortunately, there are other situations that my post sheds no light on. It would be nice to obtain the rules that Microsoft utilizes in determining VDI mode - although Citrix seems to be the main one.


2. Recovering from an initial install of Teams under VDI mode was not explained well. At my sites, we deploy the Teams Machine-Wide Installer (msiexec /i "teams_windows_x64.msi" ALLUSERS=1). Users who had VDI mode enabled because of the Citrix registry entry are corrected using the following steps. The process that we use is not optimized but it is guaranteed to work:

. user logs off Teams and then closes the app when prompted to login

. user uninstalls Microsoft Teams

. delete folders in appdata\local\Microsoft: Teams, TeamsMeetingAddin, TeamsPresenceAddin

. delete folders in appdata\roaming:  Microsoft Teams, \Microsoft\Teams

. Yes, I know that is overkill to delete all the above folders - but I wanted a guarantee.

. for the specific user, delete the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Teams

. Logoff/on for the user and the Teams software will re-install for the user with New Experience on.


Hope this provided additional assistance.


@Norman Racine 

Hello, i understand this is a few months old, but would you mind sharing how you isolated the VDI trigger? I am trying to get this working with VMware on virtual desktops.


If anyone has any experience getting the new meeting experience to show in a VMware environment any help would be greatly appreciated.


What you could do to bypass this issue is to add the option in you %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\desktop-config.json and add this key "callingMWEnabledPreferenceKey" to the "appPreferenceSettings" and set it to true. This won't make the setting visible but it'll make it selected and you'll have access to the "New Meeting Experience"


"appPreferenceSettings": {
This should be on the teams downloads page... I've seen a million complaints about it but this forum seems to be the only place someone got it right. This needs to be marked down as a common issue with a solution :\

@lkf_0827 me too. i just experienced it, as i move to Mac now days. i just realize when i did video conference, but the large gallery greyed out and when i check on settings teams i could not see the new experience check box. 

i had also update the latest version from the settings, restart, uninstall and install back, still won't work. any thing i can do in my mac?