Teams New Meeting Experience still not showing up

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07-September and the new meeting experience functionality is not showing up.  I've checked for updates on a daily basis to no avail.  The latest update came through to my environment on 25-August (v but the new meeting experience check box is still not showing up. 

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Hi, so in Settings within Teams, you don't see the option below?


Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 18.44.10.png

I'm on

@PeterRisingYes, that's correct.  I do not have the functionality showing up in my settings to be able to selected it.  

Are you using free teams? Gov cloud Teams or perhaps on a Mac?

@Chris Webb 


Hey Chris, I'm using Teams on a Mac myself so can testify to the fact that it does work - well at least on mine anyway. :lol:

@Chris Webb - No, I'm on an enterprise license using a Dell running Windows 10. We are a very large organization and I seemed to be the only one complaining about not yet having the functionality. I keep asking my administrators and they say it is a Microsoft push and they can't doing anything. Checked this morning again - nothing.

@lkf_0827 Hey, I've heard of many users (outside my org.) that had the new experience and then it disappeared again. They have cleared the cache, signed out and back in manually, checked for updates and reinstalled. Someone wrote in another conversation that Microsoft support told them it had been "withdrawn for adjustments" but cannot confirm that. So perhaps you need to open up a ticket with the official MS support as well, that is if the above steps doesn't bring back the checkbox for you.



That may be the way to go.  My own boss has the same issue actually and no obvious way to resolve it,



(Updated) Microsoft Teams new calling and meeting experience
MC212453, Plan For Change, Published date: May 9, 2020
Major update: Announcement
Applies To: All
Updated September 4, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updated roll-out timeline below

We are pleased to announce that we will be enabling users to be able to view meetings and calls in separate windows along with the other recently announced features.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 57294

When this will happen

Note: To provide additional transparency we expect the new experiences to be enabled with the following timeline. This is subject to change and we will provide appropriate notice for each phase through Message Center as we proceed.

  • New experiences are available and users can enable through settings. - Complete
  • Experiences are enabled by default and users can disable through settings. - Late September (previously August)
  • Experiences are enabled by default and user controls are no longer available. - October (previously September)


How this will affect your organization


Once available, users will be able to view meetings and calls in separate windows from the main Microsoft Teams client. Additionally, meeting and call controls such as mute, video, chat, leave and others will now be located at the top of the meeting window so that they are always available and never block the underlying content. This new experience will also include recently announced features such as 3x3 video, raise hands, and custom backgrounds.

This will roll-out OFF by default and users will have the ability to turn on the new experience via the user setting: General > Turn on new meetings and calling experiences.

Note: In the future we will enable this functionality by default, but we want to provide users extra time to become familiar with having meetings open in their own sperate window. As we move forward we will provide more details via Message center.

@lkf_0827 Ok, so apparently anyone that is part of a call Queue in Teams might have this option removed as there is a bug with the experience and call queues. Could this be the case?

Thanks, Chris. Unfortunately, I do not know what the call Queue in Teams is so not sure. I have a pretty straight forward set-up of Teams, nothing special for my account not even a conference line. My last update is of 25-Aug and did not include the option for the New Meeting Experience. The note above indicates that Microsoft sees this first leg of the rollout to be complete, however, I still do not have it.



A call queue is something that your telecom department sets up if you work for a department that takes calls, for example, an IT department, it rings all the people that are set up in that queue.


From what Microsoft is saying, there is an issue with the new feature and anyone that is set up on a call queue.

@smwheelerthank you for the explanation.  My set-up is very basic and does not include any type of queue.  In fact, I get very few external calls if any calls.  Most of my work involves meetings, chats, team posts and collaboration in files.  Today is 17-Sept and still no update for the new experience.

Is there any updates for this issue.  Last I heard was that Microsoft was halting roll-out to users until issues are resolved with expectation that all users would have by the end of September.  I am still operating on the 25-Aug update noted in my original post.  Check for updates daily to no avail.  

@lkf_0827 When I joined a Teams meeting this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had the new meeting experience again, so it looks like they are re-enabling the feature now. I'm on Teams version1.3.00.24755 (updated 9/21/20), though this feature set appears to also be controlled at the server level.

@Stephan Swinford  Congrats!  Still a "no go" for me. I've even tried for a re-install of Teams as suggested by someone else.  So frustrating!

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My team worked with Microsoft for a few weeks to isolate why many could not see the "new experience". Our issue was rooted in our need to centrally deploy the software and a step required many months ago ... we adjusted the MSI through Orca to treat the target workstation as a virtual machine and so the VDIModeEnabled was set to true. The new experience is not available on VDIs.


We isolated the VDI trigger to hklm\software\citrix and implemented a GPO to remove. The next step was to uninstall and reinstall Teams (the version that is not modified by Orca). We now have the new experience (set on by default).


To find if VDI was set, you need to open the Teams app and generate the debug files by holding CTRL + ALT + Shift + 1. Check the downloads folder for the debug files. The main one (largest size) will have VDIModeEnabled.

@Norman Racinethanks for this! pointed me in the right direction to the same issue.


we also had this reg key and VDIModeEnabed set to True. It turns out as we use Anixis for password policy enforcement it has added this key.  Microsoft support have said they have spoken with Anixis and it is okay to remove, we are waiting confirmation ourselves. But I have removed it from my device, quit Teams, cleared the cached files in “%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\" only the files in that folder not any others and then opened Teams again, and it was all good - new experience here we come! 

@matttateReceived exactly the same advice from MS.  When I deploy Anixis updates, I now have a secondary step to remove the specified Citrix registry key automatically.  So far, no impact on the password change experience and after clearing the cache, Teams is finally updated for everybody.  Good solution!

@Norman Racine  Hi Norman, we are facing the same issue but our teams are seperated, so we do not really know what the guys from software deployment do. But I followed your explanation but I cannot find any registry key on the Windows 10 (1809) machine which shows anything with "VDIMode" but the Teams diagnostic log shows  me the part "currentConversationVersion": 2019052101,
"VDIModeEnabled": true," . So may I ask you to give me an hint where to search? Thank you a lot, Mike