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when I mention a colleague that has a last name containing multiple words, like " Van Dijck" in a Team, that person gets the email notification, addressed to "Van".

Only the first word of his last name is taken.

Is this a known issue?

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@Maarten Faes A wild guess (but maybe worth a try). Have you checked his user profile? Are first and last names entered correctly in the right fields?

Regards, Magnus

Hello @Magnus Goksøyr,


yes, the first name & last name fields are correct in Azure AD.

Can you share the azure ad record Firstname / Last name / Display name fields.

@Maarten Faes this seems to be a typical dutch/belgium name. Do other users also have the same issue?

@paul keijzers We also have a similar issue but only with guest accounts. Is there a fix or is this a feature update bug? Only seems to of started happening recently with new guest accounts. 

@SamDefoe  I guess it is the display name so you will need to edit the display name in azure. I have not seen other solutions for this.