Teams Meetings/Outlook calendar

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a few staff in our organization have reported the following:

they set up a teams meeting, it shows up in their outlook calendar. However, if they move that meeting in Outlook, it does not update their Teams meeting.

any ideas on what's going on? Is it a config setting somewhere?!

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Are we talking about a normal meeting or a channel meeting?

A channel meeting will be created in the office 365 group calendar, however if member subscribe to calendar events they will get this to! The meeting exists in the group calendar!
If the meeting is a normal teams meeting with selected participants the organizer is the only one who can change the time


Hi! thanks for the quick reply. the meeting was created using the teams add-in in outlook. the organizer changed the meeting time in outlook, not in teams.

the time change showed in his calendar, but not the other recipients. does that answer your questions?

Is it not showing the update in the meetings tab in teams or in the other participants calendars?