Teams Meeting time zones wrong on Mac client

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Teams app on a PC doesn't seem to show Time Zones at all.  On the Mac I get a Time Zone pull down, but it only shows ST options, not DT options.  So I have to pick the wrong time (ie schedule it for 4 EST when I mean 4 CDT).


I see nowhere to set time zone in Teams.  Laptop shows time in CDT.  Where do I report bugs?


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Just pick the timezone you want to use when booking and it will take care of calculating DST etc.


For example I'm in the UK and our daylight saving changed last night so I'm now static. I arranged two meetings in EST for the same time on Tuesday 10/30 and 11/6, they come into my calendar an hour different as EST switches next weekend.

TL;DR: While TZ on the event drop down says CST it means CPT.  No idea what it does for Arizona (MST but definitely not MDT) or other areas that do not do DST.



While it says it's setting a meeting for 2PM CST today (for me and other people currently in CDT), the meeting appeared on my O365-connected Outlook account and the GMail calendar of my invitee at 2pm CDT.


I book for November 5 at 2PM CST (after CDT has expired) and it shows at 2PM (what will be CST) on my calendar and on the GMail calendar of the invitee.


So its really just sending Central with the event, not a particular Standard or Daylight signifier.  It's up to the client (presumably) to deal with the time accordingly.


So while scheduling may work, a UI that says "CST" instead of "Central Time (United States)" is confusing.  It may be very nasty in areas within that time zone that don't do DST (such as Arizona in MT or previously Indiana in ET).



Agreed, it should just say central time. It'll be interesting to see what it calls timezones next week.

Where can you set the default timezone? It doesn't seem to take the Mac's current timezone or Outlook's timezone?

Same issue here. Timezone seems correct on my Windows machine but not on my Mac client, even if I have set CEST +01 locally on the machines. 

Check this out:



The time for the meeting says 8:30 AM, the time it was originally scheduled in the Eastern time zone.

I traveled from the Eastern time zone to Central yesterday. My Mac knows it's currently in the Central time zone BUT OUTLOOK AND TEAMS DOESN'T KNOW.

OUTLOOK AND TEAMS DOESN'T SHOW THE MEETING TIME ZONE. It should ideally display the meeting as 7:30 AM (Central Time).

Seriously - This is Calendar:101 stuff. Please fix this.

My version of teams has none of that detail. Something is very strange.