Teams Meeting recordings not accessible to invitees

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Teams meeting recordings (OneDrive) for scheduled meetings are not being shared to all invited.  Instead, the file is only being shared to people who attended the meeting.  I've tested this a few times and gone through the lists to verify that the people that did not attend the meeting do not have access.  If this is by design, this is a significant oversight by Microsoft.  Previously in Stream, the recording was shared to everyone in the invite.  Now with the move to OneDrive, this means going through the attendee list and comparing to who was invited, then manually going to the OneDrive recording, modifying the sharing, and adding each of the people that did not attend the meeting.  Most meeting recordings in our organization are needed for the people who missed the meeting, and by default they cannot access.  What a pain for any meeting larger than a few people! 


Microsoft's documentation does not match the behavior:
"People invited to the meeting, except external users, will automatically be granted permission to the recording file with view access without ability to download." 


Please tell me there's a powershell setting for this somewhere... 

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@Eric Hepinstall Hi, I don't record that many meetings but this I just had to try and reproduce. Within the same org. I scheduled a meeting with another user who simply didn't attend. When the recording was completed I signed in with that other user and clicked on the recording link in the chat and it worked.


So not sure what's going on here..

Permissions or role-based access

@ChristianJBergstrom Is it possible the sharing behavior is dictated at all by the meeting option "Allow Meeting Chat?"  Both problem meetings had this set to "In-meeting Only" instead of "Enabled."  I'll try and test more this week.  

@Eric Hepinstall Hello, just browsed through my notifications and realized you asked a question here. Sorry about that, a month later! No, the "in-meeting" only prevents the chat for being enabled. If you were invited (attended or not) you can still access the recording in the chat.