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I'm looking to get a list of the users that I've assigned a MS Teams Meeting Policy. Is there a Power Shell script to accomplish this? or can it be found anywhere in the admin center? 

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There is an update coming that will allow you to assign policies to a group, but that feature is in private preview and the roadmap states that it will be released May 2020 (they missed that). So I guess that due to corona this has been delayed.


So what you can do now is to use powershell (or TAC) and assign policies to a batch of users. See more here:

Hi Linus,

Thanks for the information on group policy assignments. I'm actually looking of a way to see the users I've already assigned a policy to.
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@IT_DSGB Hey, you can use the Get-CsOnlineUser cmdlet. It should look something like this for a single policy Get-CsOnlineUser -Filter {teamsmeetingpolicy -eq "RestrictedAnonymousAccess"}


A search took me here which explains it further.


@ChristianBergstrom  Thanks! Exactly what I couldn't seem to find.