Teams meeting ID and passcode rollout

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How is this feature MC389614 Join Meetings by a Meeting ID and Passcode updated to users? There is no other information provided by microsoft other than "We will begin rolling out in early July and expect to complete rollout by mid July."


We have semi annual office channel and now some users are already getting this meeting id & passcode when they create new meeting from Outlook windows desktop client but other users are not. All users have same office channel and build version. Is this feature coming via office updates or what? And why others already have this and others not? It is confusing. 

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Hi, this is a Teams update so your Office channels isn't involved here. The Teams update process is quite complex and it's happening in intervals. Sometimes an individual can choose the update tool in the Teams client to quicken feature updates, even though most updates happen backend in the Teams service.
Thank you, this is all info i need now and explains why others have this already in outlook clients when creating new teams meeting and others not!