Teams Meeting Emails not coming to inbox

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I have a user with a strange problem I have not seen before. It seems like the user does not receive Teams meeting email notifications(on OWA and Outlook App) when the meeting is scheduled. Checked user's rules and junk settings. The meetings show up on the calendar though the user can accept/decline and the other parties can receive the response. This is for general meetings, not Team meetings. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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@OnurTpz  Here is some points to be cleared is the meeting held in the general channel and the invite has been send to the whole group or individually;


if that has been sending to the group email then I would suggest checking the group's section under outlook group the invite will be there and if you have not followed that group the emails and invite will not flow to inbox.

@PDostiyar  Thanks for the reply. Actually this was not an invite within a team but an organization. It turned out the user had a delegate on her Outlook calendar and she was not receiving the emails. I appreciate the response.


@OnurTpzso are you saying this has been Resovled already with Deleage was the issue or still no solution for this?

This has suddenly started happening to me too. What was the soliution?@OnurTpz 


I have a similar problem but I've found where the Teams meeting email notifications are going to.

Our setup is this: We have the email service from a 3rd party provider (not Microsoft) and from Microsoft we have the Office 365 Business licenses.

In Outlook I can set up an email account 2 ways: automatically through MS Exchange or manually through IMAP or POP protocols.

The Teams meeting notifications are going to the email box which is set up automatically in Outlook with MS Exchange and are not appearing in the manually set up email box which is connected to the 3rd party email provider servers. Also the Teams meeting emails are not seen when I login to the email within the platform of the 3rd party email provider.

Even if I configure the outgoing emails from Outlook going through the servers of the 3rd party provider, then still the Teams meetings notifications are received only within the MS Exchange email box.

I will continue investigating, there must a be a way to have Teams send out emails via the 3rd party email provider servers.

@robert90 were you able to resolve the issue ?  what was the solution ? Thanks