Teams Meeting Chat History and Recording for user that was not able to participate at the meeting




I a user that was not able to participate at a Teams Meeting but afterwards want to view the chat history and/or the recording of the meeting. How will the user find this as there will not be any chat history for that specific user as the user was not participating at the meeting? So how will that user find the chat history and/or recording of the meeting?




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If the meeting was recorded then it can be viewed in Microsoft Stream which can be accessed at To note, if it was recorded and it can’t be seen by the user then the person who recorded it may need to give them permissions to view the video.

If transcripts were enabled on the video then there should be a transcript of the chat alongside the video in Stream.

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Transcribing what is said in a meeting (via Stream) is different than also recording the chat that accompanies a meeting. Is there any way to do the latter?

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When giving permissions on MS-Stream, is there a way for it to appear on the MS-Team as a tab or on Posts? 


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Is there a way for to record the video of a teams meeting so that those viewing the recording can also see the chat that was happening in the chat box throughout the meeting?


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Try sharing full screen and then record with the chat box open - would be interested to see if that works

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Nope - it doesn't record the chat.