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Hello and Marry Christmas and Happy new year :)


Our company wants to use Teams free but we have ran into a problem. When we try to log in it say that: "Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation. Ask your admin to get you started with Teams, or set up another org in Teams using a different email address."

How can I find out who is the admin for our domain or how can I reset/delete account and create new one. This tine with known Admin :)


I was told that the domain was probably registered long time ago by accident by someone in company, that someone is probably no longer working with us any more, but that is not the issue. I could access his emails but I need to know who is it.


there is similar thread about this in community:

It was solved there by creating alias account. But we want account with our company domain.


Thank you for any help.



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Hi @Lukas1325

Microsoft do provide a resolution article for this here

In my experience there are two principle ways people resolve it

1.) Sign up for an account and then sign up for Teams Free (like the above answer)

2.) Remove the domain in the tenant, or contact Microsoft and tell them to remove the domain from the tenant if it isn't already linked to any other services or is sitting in an old tenant. If you are actively using the domain, then you may want to add and switch out users to another domain and then remove it/get Microsoft to remove it

Not going to lie - number 2 and trying to get Microsoft to remove the domain can take time and be frustrating. Most go with 1.) and the solution you provided. You also have to remember that by signing up for Teams Free with your corp domain will mean if someone wants to buy Microsoft 365 you will need to convert Teams Free to Microsoft 365 paid subscription - just some things to bear in mind

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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