Teams Live Event, Microsoft Dynamics and recordings

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Hi everyone, 


I am a new Dynamics and Teams user and I understand that they should be communicating.  

When I create a new Teams Live Event on Dynamics - and I am the producer - for some reason I cannot access/ find the recording. It's not in Stream, not in Teams files, not if I open the live meeting invitation on Teams. 

If on the other hand I create the Live Event directly on Teams then I have no issues in downloading the recording but then my event doesn't show on Dynamics. 

I have attached a screenshot for both cases.

Does anyone know how to get the recording for a Teams Live Event that was set up (created) in Dynamics? 


Thank you in advance! 

Teams Live Event set up in Dynamics.pngTeams Live Event set up in Teams.png

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@Beatrice1204 Did you ever find the answer to this? We are having exactly the same problem. It's such a weird thing for MS to have let into production!

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