Teams live event and free accounts

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I am trying to connect through my free teams account with a live event as a presenter, not an attendee. However, when i try, it only signs me in as an attendee. Is there a way to allow a free account user to join the meeting as a presenter.

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Hi @Vicroyneptune   When the organizer creates the event (is that you?), she/he needs to designate you as a presenter so that you get a different log-in link than an attendee.

, are you trying to connect to a live event created in another tenant? You need to be a guest in that tenant and click the presenter link while logged in as a guest in that tenant

@ThereseSolimeno I am joining the event. I have a free account in MS Teams for this purpose. They set me up as a presenter, but when i click the link, it makes me be an attendee. 

how do you become a guest in the tenant, i am working with the host now.