Teams is KILLING my Mac Every Day

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I have a hard time believing I'm the first person to post this after not finding anything in the forum.  I wouldn't doubt if Microsoft is deleting them because they can't figure out how to fix this issue.  I can Google this issue and come up with numerous results but NOTHING has been able to fix this issue except for completely removing Teams all together, which unfortunately is not an option for me.


Teams is murdering my MacBook Pro 16" i9 with 16GB RAM every day.  This was supposed to be the most kick-a$$ laptop at the time but Microsoft is slowly killing it with Teams.  It causes serious lags and randomly decides when it wants to share the screen successfully.  Other times, it just shows screen but no audio or vice versa. It's infuriating and I've lost my patience!


For context, I just re-installed my entire OS thinking it was an OS issue. I erased the entire drive and started from scratch.  I did not do any kind of restore from backup.  Everything was a fresh install yesterday.


I joined a teams meeting today in front of 100 people and Teams seemed to be running fine until I went to share screen and then everything choked. Those who were showing video on the call started flickering rapidly, which could have caused an epileptic seizure - it's that bad and I'm not joking, this isn't funny. IT'S VERY IRRITATING! My entire system.  Mail, Calendar, Finder, and Preview (all Apple Apps, which should run super fast) started running like garbage with lags between 5 and 10 seconds - that's no joke.  Upon reboot, it was normal again until I ran Teams for another meeting... reboot.


I firmly believe Teams is a virus and the developers should be fired for ignoring this issue.  I've been dealing with this issue for nearly a year.  Teams always causes some kind of lag issue whenever I run it.  I have to reboot my machine to get my computer to work somewhat normal again.  This is ridiculous!


I found an MS article mentioning how Teams uses memory because of this Chromium feature due to easier development.  I don't care about the ease of development.  I CARE about it working and NOT DELAYING MY PRODUCTIVITY.   Forget Chromium!


Earlier this year, MS announced they were going to have a new and improved version in April 2021.  I think two version have been released since then - None of them have solved this issue.


Is anyone at Microsoft Listening?!?!?!

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@Sam Cosby  - Hi Sam - Has this issue been addressed in some way yet?  This issue drives me nuts (like everyone else posting here).  The video quality stutters (audio + video lag/jumpiness). I am on a 16" Macbook Pro, and have a gig fios ethernet connection,  There should be no lag.


Shifting to a web/browser version of teams is not ideal as it kills a lot of features - need a better behaving Teams client for mac.


Please advise on anything to improve this, or path to improved version of teams client timing.



I just want to put in that teams is also killing my mac. I have been using a mac and I have two computers connected to one screen, so to share the screen I remote in to one of the computers.  When running teams and someone starts sharing their screen performance grinds to a halt. The system becomes unusable until the meeting ends.

+1 on this issue. I have a quad core i7 with 16Gb of RAM. Posting this comment using my phone as I am in a Teams meeting on my computer and it has jammed up too much to open a webpage. Noticed that Teams resource usage has been massive over the last few weeks.

After a Mac update, I have had to reinstall the Teams app for each and every meeting, a nightmare if I have back-to-back meetings. When I try to click on "already have an account" (which worked before), there is no response, and I have to reinstall. UGH!!!! @shilocase 

I have had a problem with sound deteriorating during a long Teams meeting. Specifically people can not hear me. I resorted to turning off my video. I was using an older Mac. I recently upgraded to a new MacBook and it got better. The problem happened again to day. My wifi speed seemed to be stable at 50 ish MBPS. Funnily enough I previously solved the problem by using an MS Surface for a Teams call. No problem at any stage. This is clearly an MS/Mac issue.
100% CPU usage all the time. I have to disable my camera and all incoming camera videos to be able to move my mouse cursor. Teams has become really unusable for me.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
Processor: 2,4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
Memory: 16 GB DDR4

@shilocase I can confirm that the new Macbook Pro do not suffer from this issue.


Given I spend 95% of my day using Teams I just couldn't cope any longer on my Intel based Mac. I moved to a M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro and there are no issues at all


Teams continues to hammer the CPU when in calls but the added power of this CPU just laps it up and there is no Fan noise.


I realise this is a sledge hammer to crack a nut approach but I just couldn't continue like this any longer!


I am yet to test on battery but hoping I can get longer than the 35mins I had before from 100%!




@Sam Cosby 

mac user here having same issues. 

just looking at preferences after reading this string of comments

and noticed an option on by default - enable logging...



depending on the frequency and size of the data of said logging, this could have a constant impact on I/O.  


could the constant 

Me too. I have an M1 MacBook Pro and I have been running Teams in Edge browser and in Shift app and its had no problem coping with that. Video is better whereas before I was having multiple issues and it kept shutting my iMac down. Having said that, while waiting for my shiny new MacBook Pro, i was using an old (8 years old) iMac running on Catalina and although video not so good (age of machine) it ran teams on Edge no problem and didn't shut down once. Haven't been game to try the Teams app yet but since I have it open twice and Mac hasn't a problem, maybe the app will be fine too.

+1 on this issue as well. Sad to hear that even M1-processors has a hard time coping with teams. I run a Macbook Pro 2017 with 16 GB Ram and Intel Dual Core i5 and when running teams everything else is slow and the fan is running loudly.

Working in the web-develolpment business it is embarrasing to make a demo of a new site for the customer and everything runs extremely slow while screen-sharing. It makes our product seem slow...

I'm having the same issue - as soon as there is a video conference going on Teams is getting so slow and unresponsive you barely can't make any actions. Video is flickering like nuts as well. Clicking on icons (e.g. mute/unmute) did take about 15 seconds to actually respond. It's just unusable. Also the fans are going crazy. After videocalls ended it's fine again after some time.


I have the feeling it's better without external monitors.


Same problem as everyone else.  My small company went over to Teams in late 2020.  My early 2020 MacBook Air i5 chip grinds to a halt.  We routinely use other web conferencing apps with no performance issues.  (even the obscure ones like Chime, BlueJeans) I didn't even know that my Mac had a fan until I started using Teams.  Issues are only during online Meetings.

I'm searching the Web for some setting to help fix the issue but you really need a supercomputer to run Teams.  I feel that the code must be very inefficient to consume so much of the CPU resources. (around 100% during meetings)

Try web teams or the edge app. That worked for me. But it is annoying that we cannot use the native app

@shilocase  just want to jump into this thread to comment that, as of today, 5th of April 2022, Teams is still completely melting down my MAC. I don't know if you guys are mining Bitcoin with Teams or what else but the outcome remains the same, fans spinning like hell, computer about to meltdown, and all other apps almost impossible to use while meeting on Teams. I've fully removed the Teams app from my MAC and started using the web version instead, but it's the same or worse. Adding a blurred background in a meet with just 3 other people is enough to cause all of these problems at once, like from the very moment the meet starts.


Hope you can do something about this, as most of us are using Teams by force in our workplaces, so there's nothing we can do except continue to work until our MACs literally liquefy.


Thank you for your time.





Thanks to a generous employer I have now changed to a Macbook Pro with M1 Pro Processor which made the trick, (only using 20% av processor when using teams now) however it is terrible that a service like this cant be handled by a i5 Dual Core and in your case an i7 processor.


This evening, I saw the necessity to add to this thread as well.

I am currently running a 2021 16" M1 Pro MacBook pro, with 32 GB of RAM. Current Mac OS version is 12.3.1, and I scan and clean it every single day. There is nothing more I can do to keep it in tip-top running condition, and STILL, MS-Teams latest version is hanging the MacBook, when screen-sharing to an audience.

Symptoms include:

  1. A sudden and complete lack of audio, with neither me nor my Teams cohort to hear each other;
  2. Near total App unresponsiveness - including an inability to force-quit MS-Teams. This necessitates a hard-reboot of the MacBook pro;
  3. CPU overheating, even with maximum fan speed.

If it weren't for my company's arbitrary decision to integrate Office 365 into its entire operations and force staff onto MS-Teams, I would be much more inclined to use Skype or Zoom, or even FaceTime.

To put it in brutally blunt terms, using MS-Teams for Mac on a daily basis is a painful, embarrassing and ire-inducing experience.

I do very much hope and expect that the software engineering team/s within Microsoft get serious and solve these operability issues on a Mac, once and for all.

Until then, I will continue to avoid using MS-Teams as much as possible, and encourage my clients to use Skype, Zoom or FaceTime instead.

This issue is a point of shame for Microsoft.Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 22.01.55.png

I do not use the Teams app. I run Teams in Edge browser on Mac - it worked on old (8 year old) Mac running Catalina, and its working on new MacBookPro 14 with latest software and M1 chip. I think the issues seem to be focussed on late model Macs with Intel chips (that's where I had massive problems). 

Does anyone has an update on this? I am still having a hard time running Teams on my MAC (slow and overheating) - macbook air 2019 16gb memory with Monterey version 12.2.1. Saw this post from @shilocase and several replies from Microsoft team but nothing conclusive. Can anyone help? Many thanks

Run Teams as an app through Edge. This seems to fix most peoples performance issues and once you do this it's hard to tell it apart from the official Teams app.


@RichM1967 thanks for the info man, I'll give it a try right away.