Teams is for kids

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This app should grow up!
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@adam deltinger 1) Try hosting a meeting, sharing your screen, and keeping the meeting notes in a Teams file - its like jumping through hoops.  Let Teams have multiple Windows open.  That was a good concept by Microsoft years ago, but abandon by Teams.  2) My phone has "can i call you back" quick text features - why not Teams?  All i can do is hang up to stop the annoying call sound.  3) I have 3 monitors with multiple windows open.  When i try to share a screen - my choices are difficult to sort through.  Especially since they don't all fit on my huge monitor because you don't just list the items, you show even larger icons that take up so much screen space that i have actually scroll to find the "screen #3" selection.  4) Why doesn't "full screen" actually show a presentation on the "full screen"?  I've read blogs and guess what? Microsoft drops that function and doesn't care about the community.  5) That's why teams is for kids.

Why do you guys have to be so rude? When kids get online it's like they can say whatever they want when they want, I'm nine, NINE, and I know how to act, ridiculous

Please just shut up, we don't need your input on EVERYTHING >:c