Teams is crashing and reopening in loops,

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I’ve been searching a solution for this problem, but I can’t seem to find on. My desktop app is crashing and reopening in a loop. When it is reopening it says, "The app has been restored, and are working again.".




I can use the app for maybe 5 minutes and then it crashes. I can call and share and everything.

I’ve been trying to delete the credential as a tip but there isn’t any on my computer for teams.


All help will be highly regarded :)

FYI, the app is set to norwegian.

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Try uninstalling the app, then deleting all cache folders and files:

Then reinstall the app!
Also update all drivers on your computer if this doesn’t help!


@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam.

Thanks for the reply!

This did not work for my problem. But i did find a solution. I had the same issue when using teams on almost every browser where i got error message "Status Breakpoint" when using Teams. At some forum it said that it may be caused by undervolting the CPU. After turning of the undervolting Teams seems to work as it should.

Does anyone know why there is an issue of undervolting the CPU?