Teams iOS app asks to create an account when one already exists

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I'm working with an end user who would like to get the Teams mobile app on their device. They are currently signed into their email through the Outlook app without issues.


Whenever they go to sign into Teams, they are asked "what would you like to create?" and it then displays the two options then wants me to either Create an Account for Me or Create a new business organization.


This user has a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license and Teams is enabled for him, as he can login to the desktop app on Windows without issue. I have attached a screenshot of the error for reference. Has anyone ever seen this or know a fix for it?

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Hi @MichaelBieger   Is the sign in button live? 


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this - in regards to the image I attached, the user can enter their email and click the sign in button however doing so doesn't sign them in, it prompts for them to either create an account or create a new business organization. He can sign into other org accounts on his device, just not his own.
We have the same issue with multiple users whose iOS devices are managed by Intune MAM. Is your device managed by MDM as well? Has anyone found a solution to this issue?
This issue started happening after updating the Teams app on iOS device to latest version 3.8.1

Okay @MichaelBieger  - if members of this community are unable to help you, I suggest posting your question on where there are support agents available to help with further troubleshooting with you until your issue is resolved. 

Any finding a resolution, having this issue with multiple users all on v3.8.1. Older versions of the app seem unaffected.


This is also an issue with some of our users, specifically ones who have iPhone 12's. I reported this as an incident in the Microsoft health area of the 365 admin center. Hopefully someone will pick this up soon as it is very disruptive for our mobile / remote users. 

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Sorry for the trouble. This issue is fixed in version 3.9 and above. Please update and let us know if it solves for you.
No worries - updating to version 3.9 did resolve the issue. Thanks!