Teams in VMware Horizon

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We are in the process of deploying Teams to our virtual desktops.  We are running VMware Horizon 7.8 and using non-persistent instant clones desktops.  I installed Teams onto my Golden Image based on the instructions in this: Teams and VMware and this Teams for VDI.  The problem we are having is when I log into a desktop the 1st time, Teams attempts to launch but never does.  We just get a white box on the screen.  However, if we logout of that desktop and login again (we grab a different desktop), teams launches fine.  We are using VMware UEM for the caching of credentials.


I am looking for a solution to the problem of it not launching on the first attempt.  I do not want our users to have to login a desktop, have Teams attempt to launch and when it doesn't. logout of the desktop and login again.  What suggestions does anyone have?


Thank you

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@RachelWulffenstein I know you have not mentioned Citrix but are any of the suggestions listed on of any use or ring true.


I noticed one in particular with relation to auto start. So it would be interesting at the very least, albeit probably not the end state you want as it is useful for it to auto launch.


So if it were to not auto start but a user then manually launches does that fair any better, as if nothing else that may be a better interim than the user logging out and in again.


With it working sometimes and Credential caching being in place, do we know if this seems to happen after a user has recently changed a password?


Would it be possible to exempt certain users from the caching, to at least narrow down the problem area?


Sorry I know I am asking more questions than providing answers but hopefully it is better than nothing :)