Teams Gets Automatic Meeting Recording Option


Teams meeting organizers will soon be able to configure an option to start recording when the meeting starts. The option must be set for each meeting and there doesn’t seem to be an available method to preconfigure recordings for all meetings through a policy or programmatically. The new option is useful, if you remember to set it.

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This just hit our tenant. Great concept, but needs work. The first 750 person meeting already created a bunch of questions. We had people joining and leaving beforehand, starting and ending recordings. Also no one is able to find the recording of the entire meeting since so many people joined and left in advance. We checked for the first join in the TAC as well as attendance log, but still unable to find the actual recording. It's not one of the five recordings showing for the meeting, all of which were from 5 to 30 seconds.

Wondering what others experience has been so far!
I'll flag this to the developers. Do you mean that a bunch of people in the meeting had presenter status and that new recordings started and stopped as they joined and left? Are there multiple meeting recordings in their OneDrive accounts?
That's correct, a few had presenter status, they joined and left early and multiple meetings showed up. I'm thinking maybe someone may have stopped the recording, but I'm not sure of a way to see that in any kind of auditing.
Interesting. I've flagged the issue. One might say "user error" and "points to a critical need for user education," but that would be harsh and unreal. So hopefully some adjustments can be made. In the meantime, it's a good pointer to say that people shouldn't have presenter status unless they really need it for a meeting.
Hah, exactly! Thanks for flagging it.