Teams (free version) implementation in outlook?

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Is it possible to plan virtual calls directly in outlook or is this something I would need to upgrade my plan to business basic? or maybe another one?


I can´t find an answer online. Honestly, there is much information around teams but in my opinion, all settings for calls are quite difficult and not intuitive. Is there a handout or something which helps to find answers quicker?

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@BirgitH Hello, well if it's any consolation you're not alone. Teams is a massive platform and then you have some differences when it comes to the business/enterprise versions vs Teams free and Teams for personal use (you can add a personal account within Teams).


To answer your question though the Teams Outlook meeting add-in isn't supported in Teams free so it won't work I'm afraid. You'll need a subscription which includes an Exchange mailbox.


The official support pages for Teams free Welcome to Microsoft Teams free - Office 365

Thank you @ChrstianJBergstrom! For now, I´m not sure if I would like to go with the paid version as it is very complicated to use and I guess this issue will be the same if I pay for it. But your answers helped me, thank you!