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Hi All,

My company is thinking of adopting Teams for our phone soliution as well as IM and collaboration. We have a pretty good understanding of how Teams will be used by majority of our organization but we just can't put a finger on how our Trading team will use it and if there will be different functionalities that they would see benefit in. We are in the financial industry if you haven't guessed yet.

Anyways, my question is: is there anybody out there that has experience in this world or knows a little bit about how traders would use Teams any differently than anyone else?

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@ryanfergusonscTeams is for everyone as Microsoft says it is a collaboration and teamwork tool that no matter every organization, company, schools, and hospitals could use it, and anyone can customize it as per their usage but when it comes to few standards thing that is the same no matter what field or type of business you are.


like you can;


Audio and Video call

Post conversation and ask your team reply and collaborate

post files and get instant insight


automat tasks

discuss customer emails request, invoices, payments, and all others right from Teams.


So in Short Microsoft Teams is the now and the Future of Teamwork and Collaborations.

In addition, you can take a look at the “Information Barrier”. This to make sure Traders can be isolated to other parts of the company to make sure regulation rules are in place (if you have them ;)).

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