Teams for Android search not showing files.

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One of the many things we use TEAMS for, is tracking parts for projects using shared spreadsheets for a bill of materials.  In that spreadsheet, we have PO numbers for parts that are ordered.  When parts are received, a quick search of the PO number in TEAMS pops up the project file (spreadsheet) based on that PO number being in the spreadsheet.  It works great on computer and iOS, and used to work on Android.  Recently we're finding that the files are not showing up as search results when using Teams for Android despite showing up on the other platforms.  

Any idea why this might be?

Example, I search the PO number 30180, and find the BOM files associated with that PO:



On Teams for Android, those files are no longer showing up.  They used to, and still do on all other platforms tested thus far (Windows 10, iOS).


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